Crossbow Shooting

Shooting arrows from an arbalest is something you might have fancied, but never experienced. Crossbow Shooting for PC is a game that will let you do so. The game is simple, but has more than one thing to keep in mind. You are required to set the vertical and horizontal angle of the arbalest while keeping in mind the pressure of the wind on the arrow and shoot. Each shot can get you 10 points and every 90 points will lead you to a bonus game.

Every time you get 95 points, there will be a greater distance unlocked for you to enjoy. The bonus game is exciting as you will be required to shoot the apple on his head, there are unlimited tries in the bonus game but is the man is struck by your arrow, the scores will be reset. This simple and fun=filled game sports simple graphics and sound effects. It can be downloaded and installed from the BlueStacks App Player.

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