Crimson Editor

Crimson Editor is a file editor that is able to work with multiple types of files and proves to be especially useful when users have to work with programming languages. About a hundre d of them are fully supported by the app as it provides syntax highlighting for each of them and users can customize this feature to their liking.

Crimson Editor makes use of tabs in order for users to work with multiple documents at once and there is the possibility to easily copy content from one tab and then move it to the other. Files can also be merged together as the user defines the first, the second one and so on. Undoing actions can be done up to the first one performed within a document, so that everything is repairable.

Crimson Editor makes use not just of the classic line mode as users also have the possibility to view elements in a column mode. Also, word wrapping can be toggled on or off. The dictionary of the utility features more than 100,000 terms and this proves to be a powerful spell checker for those that need it. Files can also be edited remotely through the aid of a FTP client.



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