CreativDoc PDF Editor

CreativDoc PDF Editor is a solution for users who want to edit PDF files. This document type is usually not the most user-friendly when it comes to editing and one might try multiple programs until he finds a suited one. The current app is designed to provide quick access to all of its main tools so that users can edit documents in multiple ways.

First of all, users have to load a document into CreativDoc PDF Editor. Within moments, it will be fully accessible and users can start editing it just as they would do with any other text file. There is the option to change the font, the color, the alignment and the size of the text. This way, users have the possibility to mark a paragraph or a single sentence, without having to use difficult methods to achieve this. Images within PDF files can also be edited and exported for further processing into a proper image editor.

CreativDoc PDF Editor allows users to also come up with their own text, images and shapes that can be added within the PDF document that is open. Annotations can be added and they will be visible in a reader, as well. Certain text areas can be marked up and the marking can be saved for later use, too.



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