CreateInstall is an application designed to provide users support as they compile installation executable files for their programs. The utility has a simple interface and it features all of the main functions tabbed in a certain order. This way, users have the possibility to designate multiple settings and create a custom installer for the program they work with.

CreateInstall firstly needs the user to point towards the files that have to be added within the installer. As users add these files, they can choose between multiple compression types in order to have the files packed. High compression rates are more useful when large files have to be added in the installer. Afterwards, they have the possibility to set up the name of the installer and other details, such as the version of the app, the website of the product and so on.

CreateInstall also allows users to set up design settings, such as the font and the size that are used within the installer. If registry keys have to be edited, users have the possibility to add them into a list. An uninstall executable can also be created so that users can remove the program when they do not need it anymore. Afterwards, within minutes, users will have the EXE file ready for use.

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