CrazyTalk Animator

If you are looking for an animator to give your 2D animation the power of the latest technologies like intelligent character generation, and animation puppet control, then CrazyTalk Animator is the apt product. It is very easy to set up characters from any picture or photo or even a video, by simple drag and drop technique. Then you need to set up your characters and scenery on the easy-to-use interface, and give them some facial motions, and puppet controls to bring life to the animation film.

The software interface has guided actor creation wizards for making actors out of illustrations. There are camera and timeline tracks for filming and directing 2D animation, whereas the stage in it has a 3D look. To use this software, there is no need to learn key-frame animation or motion logic concepts; it is all automated, and thus highly preferred by software magazines, press users, and power users.

One can convert any typed text to speeches in the animation by its text-to-speech feature. You just need 2GB free hard disk, and 256 MB RAM, to run it on your PC. The normal output is in MP4, and for WMV output you will need DirectX 9 and WMEncoder 9.



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