Crawler Notes

Crawler Notes is an application which provides support for those that need to have their tasks organized and reminded of with the aid of sticky notes. This virtual version of the paper pieces is even better as the original one and users can also set up alarms and other reminders. The tool is installed within a matter of seconds and afterwards, users can create their first Crawler note.

Crawler Notes provides basic text editing support and users can add a few styles to the words. Other than that, they can edit the overall style of the notes and have them look more appealing than the classic yellow. There are predefined styles which can be used but users who want to preserve the theme of their screen can create a custom style and have it loaded.

Each note created with Crawler Notes can have notifications and alarms set so that users do not forget about them. They are easily configurable and there are various alarms which can be used. If one needs to travel and has to take the notes with him, he just has to create a backup file and add it into an email so that he can access it later and import all of his notes on a new computer.

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