Cradle of Rome

With Cradle of Rome you get to build the Roman Empire from scratch and become its emperor! If that is the kind of adventure that appeals to your senses, then Cradle of Rome is the game for you. You have to rebuild all the architectural structures of the Roman Empire and live in its glory. There are a lot of features in Cradle of Rome that makes it such a popular game to play. the simplicity and the adventure of the game make it a very thrilling game to play.

Coliseum is the school that has been built for the young gladiators and that is where they will train to become the brave hearts of the future. There is also the temple of luck called the Pantheon that will help you forward your Empire and lead as the prosperous emperor of the rich and vast land of Rome. There is not a dull moment in Cradle of Rome as it is a very adventurous and fun game to play for people of all ages.

The detailing and the graphical representation of the city of Rome is not only stunningly beautiful, but also very accurate. Come along, and be prepared to rule over the land of the great Caesar. The physics of the game are also very good and give it a great sense of realism.

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