CPU-Z is a tool available for free and it is also compatible with all of the Windows operating systems, allowing a lot of users to easily find out various information about their computer, especially related to hardware elements. Manual searching of various info can be done, but some things presented by this application cannot be found this way. Thus, the program becomes really useful for users who want to know detailed information about hardware status. The process of analysis is completely automated and the user will see the end result within seconds after the tool has been launched.

The application does not provide option buttons because there is no need for any. There are just a few tabs that can be switched in order to read through all of the available details. The average user might not find all of this data useful, but those that are really interested in such details about their PC will definitely love to install and put this application to work. System upgrades are easily detected by CPU-Z and again, it will only take a few seconds to discover all of the changes that have been made.

There are no fancy elements in the tool and there is no need for them. The only thing that a user can do with the application, besides reading through the features of his PC, is to export all of the info in a nicely arranged text file that sorts information based on the main tabs. The program is also compatible with almost all of the hardware in the market and it will easily detect temperatures and speed fans, too, in order to provide a brief health status of the computer. From the CPU frequency to the CAS latency, all of the needed information is provided.



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