Corel Mediaone Plus

Corel Mediaone Plus software can be referred to as a one stop shop for all your digital images alongside of several different media formats. Corel Mediaone Plus offers you the service of a companion utility named the Sharpcast Service, which can be used to save all your digital images straight to online storage. Corel Mediaone Plus is the versatile software that helps you to organize all your media including digital images and video in a realistic manner.

For managing all your digital pictures from the camera and straight up to creating photo albums, the Corel Mediaone Plus software can really be of immense help. The software consists of a logistically arranged and easy to use interface for the users alongside a large window to comprehensively see images and videos as per your requirement. The main navigations are divided into four basic parts that are- Home, Enhance, Show and Create. The home navigation traits photo managerial features. Enhance also consists some of the basic photo editing features. With the help of show, you can add video and audio to your digital images.

With the help of the Create menu, you will be able to create photo collage, album or greetings card and other photo products. The Sharpcast service does not limit to the contents that you can save online as in terms of size. If you save a picture for more than 30 days, the picture will be reduced in size but will be kept in a printable manner for 5*7 photo prints. The Sharpcast service and the Corel software need two different e-mail ids to be registered.



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