Coral City Fun Addicting Game

The Coral City Fun Addicting Game is one of the best addicting game in Android presented by Lonely Sock s.r.o. This is based on the city building type of game but differs from the design and presentation. In this game you will have to build the city under water! In the world of coral you will be taken by the game to build its destiny over there. You will find a great colorful world of coral with cute inhabitants like the mermaid, fish and many more. The game does not have any hard core rule so you can build your city your likewise.

The features of the game include the adventure of building the wonderful city of corals with buildings, businesses, services and creatures, under farms of seaweed etc. Face the cute adventures of the mermaid and earn points. Invite your friends to visit your city and also visit theirs. You can play it offline also. All these are available in this free version.



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