Cool Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder

Cool Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder allows one to decipher and see ones yahoo messenger chat log records in one’s computer. One can read the archive chats or spy on one’s loved ones devoid of their knowledge or any of their passwords. This software is free of charge to use. It has a cool and trouble-free user interface. Absolutely No password or login is necessary to decode the archives.

It is possible to Export conversations to the Text File with the help of Cool Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder. Not even any internet connection is required to decode the archive. No worry if the user lost the password and desire to view one’s chat log files, otherwise if one just fancy to read additional yahoo archive records, Cool Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder will do all the work.

It is a very essential app with trouble-free user interface for the purpose of uncomplicated browsing and to examine decoded archive records. There is also feature like Automatic detection of yahoo user folders and archive files are available. It can decode Yahoo Messenger records without even logging in. This tool has got a brilliant feature like to decode a particular file *.dat file or every one of the archives collectively. It’s a must try and will surely enhance one’s experience.



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