Don’t you want to share your food with other people by sharing your dish with others? Here is cookdiary that allows you to bring together a complete recipe book on your windows pc. This program is much more than just a library and such it is easy to use like recipe master and living cookbook. Your much loved and preferred recipe must be primarily added into this program. However this is compatible to windows 7.

Special categories of recipe can be arranged and grouped by you in this program including desserts, Italian food, Chinese food low fat food and also breakfast food. On the left part of your computer screen these categories will be shown. Then the recipe ought to be added to each one of them after the category has been formed by you. You are also allowed provided with a decision to rate your recipe out of 3 stares. It also provides you with a choice to use icons to identify whether the recipe is spicy or fiery. A picture of your recipe can also be added.

This cookdiary is very simple and easy to use. If you need to make any adjustment in the number of servings, then this can be done conveniently. And the new serving range requirements can be met by adjusting the ingredients. The cooking instructions and directions are provided to you in a larger and getter print so that it is understandable and clear to you while you are working in the kitchen. It also allows you to prepare your shopping list. The recipes cannot be imported or taken from any additional sources as there are no apparent and noticeable way to this. Easy and quick access to your cooking recipe on your computer is made possible to you by this cookdiary and can enjoy it.

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