Conficker Removal Tool

Conficker Removal Tool is a very efficient program engineered to counter the effects of Conficker worm. There are various symptoms which confirm the contamination of Conficker virus. There are chances of tripping of lockout policies. At times Automatic Update settings, Background Intelligent Transfer Service also abbreviated as BITS, Windows Defender and various Error Reporting services are disabled by this virus. Response of Domains controllers are also slowed down and network is also congested. Security related tools also do not run due to the impact which Conficker virus has on the functioning of the system. This utility tool helps the system to function properly and stay immune to the attack of such malicious program.

This is a freeware and no payment is required for the use of this application. The size of the installer file is somewhere around 490.9 kilobytes. Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP; any of the operating system mentioned here do well with Confikcer Removal Tool. Conficker worm actually exploits the Windows MS08-067 vulnerability for spreading the virus throughout the network and creates the autorun.inf file inside the drives of various systems connected through the network. The autorun file thus formed replicates itself and spreads everywhere in the system. The various Conficker viruses which prevail in the system are; Conficker A, Conficker B, Conficker B++, Conficker C, Net-Worm.Win32.Kido, W32/Conficker worm and many more.

There are four steps followed by this tool in order to disable the Conficker virus. Since there are ample chances of the security services of the system getting disabled so the first thing done by the Confikcer Removal Tool is it disables the browser and other server and scheduler services. Other files that disabled are Conficker Autorun.inf and conficker service files. This helps in minimizing there impact on the systems’ various running services. Each disabling process requires a reboot post to the completion. This Conficker Removal Tool helps the user to gain the control back over the system.




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