ComPara/PDF Trans

Converting image files into PDF or PDF files into image formats with a single software tool is not a common task. There are not many such tools in the market that offer such facilities. Now, in such a context, a person can take help of the high quality of ComPara/PDF Trans software tool. This software can convert image based or even vector based PDF drawing files into TIF image format files without any troubles whatsoever. It can also convert different scanned TIF image files into PDF format.

The software comes with an exceedingly simple interface, and thus it is extremely easy to understand its working mechanism and thus, it is too easy to use. A user can identify the original as well as the converted files with just a click with the help of this ComPara/PDF Trans software. The side by side viewing pane of this software allows someone to view the original and converted documents in a single window and thus, he or she can compare the files. The user can easily enlarge the file views and observe the files in a better way.

The interface as well as the side by side window pane of this software has wonderful synchronization that allows the user to observe the adjoining view in the best possible way. The software is entirely free for the use of every user. Moreover, it is compatible with the different latest versions of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. The ComPara/PDF Trans software is thus one of the best software in its class.

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