Company Gate

For those of you who manage company affairs irrespective of the fact whether it is a small one or a large company, there’s no denying the number of man hours and oodles of hard work put into collecting and collating a large volume of data and business information. The success of a business in today’s scenario hinges on the efficacy of this activity.

With companies that have grown in size over the years the load of this type of work certainly inflates to almost unmanageable proportions. If you are in agreement with the above, think no further. Company Gate from MedSites is the ideal solution to your needs. For a purchase price of $199 it handles a large range of activities that is simply critical to your needs. It is basically a useful CRM tool that will handle a diverse range of requirements. The features of this are an integration of Customer Management, Invoices, Quotation, and Receipt Management. It effectively tracks receivables, manages expenses, manages suppliers, helps to manage Sales Calls, Telemarketing Calls and even generates customized reports for you.

Not just that Company Gate has been a means for small or larger business entities that can use this CRM tool to keep a track of the total financial and sales management and thereby effectively lets you handle your business with a greater degree of efficiency and leads you to becoming a success managed on professional lines. Indeed company gate from MedSites is almost the all-in-one answer in a world of growing business and the resultant intricacies of management information systems required.



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