Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon is the latest web browser sibling in the Comodo family. Comodo IceDragon is the same web browser based on the core web engine same as that of Mozilla Corporation for Mozilla web browsers. Comodo IceDragon and the earlier siblings-Dragon web browsers share the same amount of security and performance enhancements. These features will take your internet surfing experience to a whole new level. The Comodo IceDragon clearly stands out from the cloned versions of Firefox.

The icy cool look and the logo of this particular web browser is especially very much different from that of Mozilla’s Firefox. The feature is to provide you with excellent security with saving all your bookmarks, password and log-in data; this browser is quite a handful in surfing the internet. The performance is also very much up to the mark as it competes with the Firefox and Chrome with much more efficiency. The speed tests taken for all the web browsers stated above were almost same. The open source browser engine used for IceDragon accommodates for all the Firefox add-ons and also the extensions used to the web browser engine core.

The Comodo’s fast webpage loading through secured DNS server from Comodo itself works like a charm. Even with the DNS encryption kept on, the browser topped the speed test. You can comprehensively make a portable version of this software and export all the bookmarks, cookies and log-in data when you ought to use it in your mobile devices.



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