Command and Conquer Gold

Command and Conquer Gold is the celebratory game of the famous Command and Conquer series on the occasion of their 12th anniversary. The game is completely free to download and is also compatible with Windows XP. Command and Conquer Gold is not only a strategy game, but also an action oriented game which guarantees that you will not find the game dull or too strategy oriented. There are some really spooky dangers to embrace in Command and Conquer Gold, and there is very little of the taking turns, and solving problem that are tactical in nature.

The best part about Command and Conquer Gold is that you can choose which side of the game you want to play for. Do you want to join the Evil Brotherhood of Nod and destroy everything pure and good? or do you want to fight the war from the United Nations Global Defense Initiative that are bent of destroying the Brotherhood of Nod for good and restoring world peace? The game play and the plot of Command and Conquer Gold are very thrilling and the action will keep you on your toes for a very long time.

Command and Conquer Gold has a very movie-like feel to it, as the graphics have been created to resemble a high-end Hollywood movie. You are right in the heart of the action that what the game is all about. The sound effects and the environment have been created to give you a very thrilling adventurous feel when playing Command and Conquer Gold. There is a multi-player mode that allows you to play up to 4 players, and the fun never ends. The artificial intelligence in the game is commendable and very challenging even for seasoned players. This also increases the replay value of the game by leaps and bounds.



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