Looking for an excellent comic reader to read all your electronic comics? Then will surely get to love ComicRack. This amazing comic reader is actually an extremely multifunctional software capable to perform a series of really useful tasks, as well as allowing the users to enjoy their favorite comics the way they likes best. The user can choose between two different ways to view the comics, it’s possible to read the comics using the full screen feature this software offers or the dual screen mode.

Two of the most outstanding features of this software is the fact is one of the most customizable ones and is a freeware one, those two features are not known to come in pair very often in a software of this kind. The most commonly used and popular comic formats are supported by ComicRack, including of course the CBR and CBZ comic format. It’s possible to change the language used by the software, because it’s possible to download a language pack from the official developer’s web site. The functionality of this comic reader can be stretched even more thanks to the add-ons that can be downloaded from the official web site; those add-ons include Python Script Packages that allow the user to perform useful activities such as downloading information from several online sources as well as batch renaming.

Another top feature ComicRack can offer and most software of this kind don’t is the conversion feature, this can be useful for all those users who are looking for a way to convert their comics from one format to another, such as PDF. The user can keep on reading his favorite comics while the conversion task is taking place. The user can change the color intensity of each comic page if needed.

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