Comic Creator

Comic Creator is comic book software package with all the tools needed to create a comic book from scratch. With hundreds of background and character templates, it gives you a jump-start in your creative process. Comic Creator has every tool in the book used to create your own images and utilize templates. Pencil, markers and pen tools help you create comics.

Comic Creator has a drag and drop option that is easy to use. You can add a story line to your images using the text editor. Once the images are ready and the storyline is started, you can add word balloons and stretched text that give your story a comic book feel.

You can also insert animations and even include sound effects. The comics can be shared with your friends via Facebook, through email or by embedding them into a blog. Comic Creator, the brain-child of SummitSoft, works for many different types of graphic novel enthusiasts. It works well for people who just want to have fun, creating entertaining comics using inbuilt character templates and sound effects. With built-in page templates and image import options, it also works well for all those who want to create professional looking comics.

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