CoffeeCup HTML Editor

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is every website owner’s best friend. It consists of ten professionally designed templates that can be easily used, and also altered easily to fit to your specific website needs. These beautiful templates are responsible to make your website look professional. The HTML validation feature consists of checkers which make sure your code is error free. And it also makes sure that it makes it possible for your website to be viewed exactly as you want it to be.

The Code Completion feature helps advanced programmers to code faster and beginners to understand the structure of HTML code. CoffeeCup HTML Editor provides an amazing array of coding languages, some inherent, others provided as extensions. Multi-file Replacement feature eliminates the need for browsing each of the files and making repetitive changes.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor has a user-friendly interface suitable for both advanced programmers and beginners. It has a customizable workspace with several tabbed panes. The panels to the left show tag references and viewing options. You can see the file layout and other easy-reference panels to the right. The panels at the bottom show errors and other helpful information. Overall, CoffeeCup HTML Editor can help you design attract and efficient webpages.



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