CoffeeCup Direct FTP

CoffeCup Direct FTP is an FTP software which includes tools such as an HTML editor, a zip archiving tool, font and image wizards. Both SFTP and FTP type connections are supported by this FTP program. CoffeCup Direct FTP consists of some great features that are perfect for both web designers and developers. The software extends its reach by being more than an FTP client and helps you effectively organize, preview and even edit your files.

CoffeCup Direct FTP comes from a manufacturer that has developed a wide variety of web development softwares, and hence this FTP program is compatible with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ASP and even Python. CoffeCup Direct FTP also includes a variety of practical webmaster tools. This FTP program is bet suited for web designers who are on a budget, and offers some useful and reasonably priced tools.

CoffeCup Direct FTP transfers files in a blink of an eye. The fast FTP program comprises of a complete Web design toolbox that lets you make some last minute previews and organize your files. With a set of stellar features like bookmarks, neatly ordered activity log and easy archival, the power and usability of the software is increased. This makes the software worth having a look into.



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