A computer is a multi-tasking device, as a result of which, it is used for a wide number of tasks. As a result of this, by means of using it for so many tasks can make the computer run slowly which can be frustrating. Thus, upholding the computer is always essential to maintain the performance. But doing that physically devoid of the assistance of any software can be difficult. But CleanMyPC is a utility that will assist the user in this viewpoint.

CleanMyPC comprises of a number of optimization tools for Windows computers. The main cleaning module promises the user to eliminate a few gigabytes of unwanted files from a computer, and that too is backed up by means of five maintenance tools and they are namely Complete Uninstall, Secure Erase, Registry Maintenance, Autorun and obviously a Gadgets and Extensions Manager. The software is also composed of a defragmenting tool that helps in defragmenting the hard drive after repeated sessions of writing and deleting files. The easy startup optimizer helps in optimizing the startup by managing the startup applications by deleting unwanted ones and adding important ones.

Thus the software can be considered as a full-fledged PC optimization tool in a single package. The software is also efficient all users of all levels from beginners to experts.



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