Classic Menu for Access 2010

Classic Menu for Access 2010 is an interesting software which is basically an Office add-in and it is designed for Microsoft Access 2010. It brings the toolbars and menus of Access 2003 into the Microsoft Access 2010 Ribbon. At the far left of the menu bar, it adds a ‘Menus’ tab. You are allowed to work with Access 2010 as if it were Access 2003.

In the tool bar of the Ribbon, all classic menu items of Access 2003 are well displayed as a group. On the other hand, the classic style interface is added with new commands and features of Microsoft Access 2010. On the ribbon of Microsoft Access 2010, classic menus and toolbars are shown by it. If you have used Access 2003 already, then you don’t need any sort of tutorials or trainings after you upgrade your Microsoft Access to 2010 with this add in. Being a user, you can easily browse the whole menus with the help of the shortcuts of the keyboard. As for example, in Access 2003, for opening the tool menu, you need to press the Alt and T buttons. In this version, all you need to do is to press Alt, Q and T for opening the Tools menu.

Languages which are supported by Microsoft Access 2010 are also supported by this software. Some languages supported by it are German, Spanish, English, Dutch, Chinese, French etc. The menus and toolbars are automatically shown by it in the language to your Microsoft Office 2010.



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