Chronager is indeed a smart utility tool, an advanced software application that provides complete control over children’s online activities. Parents can view detailed report about their children’s doings in the Internet and therefore can hold the actual knowledge of their cyber access. Chronager software records the activity and captures screen shots through application. Parents if wish can pose restrictions and time limit regarding the access to computers which websites can be visited, what kind of movie can be watched, what games can be downloaded and therefore played- all can be decided and restricted. Chronager is indeed a very useful application; it indeed works great as a helpmeet to the parents.

Chronager software application also set the time during which child can use CD or DVD and removable disks. Comprehensive Internet logs and usage of programs are provided along with schedule access to the computer. The latest version of Chronager application includes updates and information for Windows. It indeed keeps track of children activity, monitors and restricts everything- and sets time for the usage of certain programs like gaming, Instant Messaging and online chatting, social networking and so on.

Chronager software is compatible at the Windows platform. Operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 is all that is required to run the application. The interface provides free trial for 14 days to keen users. After initial trial is satisfied then only user can go and get this application at an affordable price



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