Chess Free

The best chess game for Android available for free to play, Chess Free is the highest rated chess game among others today. The game provides a challenging, rich experience of the classic board game right from your Android screen and now it is available for download on PC. Whatever be the level of your expertise, this game is sure to impress you. It features 12 levels of play for both novice and experts. Good for beginner players, it uses intelligent weakening during low levels to improve your skills. The game utilizes the Treebeard Chess engine which has a unique style like human.

An important feature of the game is ‘Show CPU thinking’ that is great for learning the game. Selecting the option displays the moves AI considers at that point. The other useful feature is Chess Tutor which shows the recommended piece for moving. This helps deciding how to play without disclosing exactly what move you should make. This is great for developing your chess skill while helping avoid silly mistakes. Other advanced features include Timers, Chess stats, Handicaps and Hints. It is possible to track the career history for each level as well as improve your rating.

The game allows two player mode to play against a friend and offers 5 piece sets and 8 chess boards. The Review game mode lets you step back to see how you performed. Other options include PGN export, load/save game files, etc. Enjoy the chess game on your PC now by downloading it with your BlueStacks emulator!



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