Cham Cham

Cham Cham for PC is a charming android game that will also tickle your brain cells. Cham cham, the chameleon, loves candy fruit, but he has got separated from it. You have to help the fruit get to him. You will have powers to help you in the form of wind, cannons, portals etc. You can also change the landscape and help Cham Cham get his fruit. However, you should avoid sharp rocks, lightning, water and ice to help Cham Cham. You can help Cham Cham taste exotic fruits from three worlds –arctic, desert and jungle you need to pick up as many stars as possible on your way. This is the most challenging phase in the game. However, you have friends for help.

With BlueStacks app player you can play Cham Cham for PC as it will emulate android features in the PC. If you have not downloaded the game yet then you can do that too through this utility and enjoy the game in your PC.



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