Cerberus FTP Server

Nobody can deny the fact that FTPs are the best ways to transfer files in the most secure way yet. To accomplish this purpose Cerberus FTP Server provides a wide number of ways which is suitable for all kinds of users to get the advantage of this feature. It can be used by IT professionals, commercial users, business users as well as other home users and students.

The software has a support for almost all the protocols available nowadays which also include the most popular HTTP as well as HTTPS. File transfer is easy with the help of this software with a brand new interface where the user just needs to provide the server information to enjoy the benefits. The server has the capability to authenticate against the Active Directory or the LDAP, which runs as an NT Windows service. The easy drag and drop user interface is extremely helpful to transfer a large number of files at once without having to add them one by one. The intelligent software remembers the server information so that the users can easily resume incomplete or interrupted downloads without any need to provide the server information again.

The easy interface is designed for the beginners, as a result of which, all types of users can use the software without any difficulty.



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