Cat Simulator

Cat Simulator for PC is a very interesting game of simulating some feline behavior. In this game you can indulge in some cat like behavior inside a cool apartment. Play like a real cat does inside an apartment and get adventurous. Do some damage in the apartment as a real cat would do, but get away with it. Knock off stuff from shelves, destroy things and do everything that is expected of the domesticated feline species. Residents of the apartment will get annoyed, but will put up with you. With stunning 3D graphics, smooth controls, interactive people in the apartment, and smooth performance this game is a recipe for spending some quality leisure time on your Smartphone or tablet.

To play this game in your PC you need to install BlueStacks app player to emulate the features of android in windows environment. Now you can access the game in your PC and enjoy Cat Simulator for PC.

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