Cardiograph is a simple yet powerful application designed to measure one’s heart rate. It works on the same principle as the professional medical equipment and makes use of the device camera to capture the fingertip and calculate the rhythm of your heart. The good thing about the program is that it is possible to save the results to use in future and also keep track of a number of people with individual profiles. Knowing your heart rate would never have been so easier. You require no external hardware and even then get the accurate readings instantly. Heart rate measurement can be useful when under stress, exercising, if having a heart related problem or simply out of curiosity.

The app saves each measurement to your personal history so that you can keep track over time. It is tailored to support multiple people using the application on a shared device. It is possible to create profiles of every family member, friends and each of them would have his own measurement history. What more, the program is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. The clutter-free, streamlined design makes it familiar and you can focus on the main thing. The best aspect is the interesting facts it includes. There are dozens of fun, interesting, insightful facts about the heart shown while you measure the pulse.

The useful application is available for use on PC too. You can get it using the search tool of BlueStacks App Player and download it for a free trial!



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