CamScanner- Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner- Phone PDF Creator for PC is a very resourceful document sharing and scanning app available. With the help of this app, users can click pictures of documents, and using its own algorithms, the app clears up the image and enhances it, and saves a copy of the better image. With the help of this app, users can digitize documents in a jiffy. These documents can include notes, bills, whiteboard discussions, invoices, certificates and others.

The cropping and enhancing quality of this app is top notch, and you can scan any document, and the app will make the text on that paper as clear as can be. The app improves the resolution of the scanned documents, and makes them much better. You can even share scanned documents with the help of this app, and scanned documents are generally stored as PDF or JPEG formats. And if you have a printer nearby, you can even print out instant documents using the AirPrint feature in this app.



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