Calypso Email Client

The Calypso Email Client can be ideal for users who are looking for email clients that will allow them to store unlimited email addresses for multiple users. This email client software can prove to be extremely simple to handle because of its interactive interface, which makes it easier for the new users to handle its many features. The software also provides a number of incredibly innovative features to its users, which include an efficient filter to screening out spam and dispose the unsolicited emails. Therefore, users of this software can maintain an extensive list of email addresses from their subscribers while preventing spam from overwhelming their inbox.

The Calypso Email Client offers a large number of templates to its users in addition to the powerful filters. Some of the other innovative features in this email client software include a dockable and customizable toolbar, option for message follow-up, and LDAP support among others. The software makes it easier for the users to send bulk emails to their subscribers by only mentioning one recipient’s name in the ‘To’ field at a time.

Apart from providing its users with excellent bulk mailing facility, the Calypso Email Client features an auto-responder option. Thus, users can now automate this software to send responses to various emails they receive, which can save them both time and money. The efficiency of the HTML email message editor makes this software even more useful to the users. It also provides an extremely flexible message search engine. Users can also archive important messages while discarding unimportant ones with a click of the mouse. Thus, this software can be quite useful for heavy email senders.



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