Nowadays, as more and more people use ebooks, they need management tools, and Calibre is one of the best that can be used. The features of the application are packed in a light-weight app that can be installed with ease on any computer, as the system requirements are extremely low and the OS compatibility is maximum. This way, people can easily manage ebooks and sort them using different methods in order to access their favorite titles with more ease. An account is not mandatory, although it is recommended to use one in order to download books from the online Calibre library.

The application is open-source and users can contribute to its development; this also means that it is distributed for free, along with a series of books that people will definitely enjoy. A nice interface allows people to see their book library using a shelf view. This way, it is really easy to scroll through books as many of them are easily recognizable by their covers. Custom covers can also be imported into the app and they will be instantly replaced. Tags and comments can be added to each book in order to have them sorted even better, using custom parameters. The comments are extremely useful when one reads through the actual ebook, as he can mark certain paragraphs and leave a note regarding them.

Ebooks come in various formats, but they are all compatible with this management and reader tool. In order to make things even better, a file conversion tool is available, too, and books can be formatted in different ways. Various ebook reader devices can be synchronized with the computer application, but this requires a free account. The ebook reader is a powerful tool that can use custom profiles and it can also load settings for low-light environments.



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