Bug heroes 2

Bug heroes 2 for PC is a funny action and fighting game for smartphons and tablets. Bugs are everywhere and battles between them are going on everywhere. There is the Waterbug pirate with hooks, the boxer in the form of Bumblebee, a worm capable of launching grenades, a stinkbug capable of spreading poison, an old and somewhat wise Aphid sensei and others. You have to form a squad of two types of creatures, change form from one to another and fight your enemies relentlessly to survive. You can search for food, strengthen your base, build tower, upgrade your fighters, equip them with weapons and upgrade them to continue the fight and survive the relentless battle. The game has several modes including one for endless play, 25 heroes, ability to control two of your heroes at a time, more than 75 types of enemies and other features.

With BlueStacks emulator you will be able to download and play Bug heroes 2 for PC.



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