BufferZone Pro for XP

BufferZone Pro is the ultimate word in protecting your PC from all kinds of threats. It is kind of the last and final seam to your virus protection. This software has its own unique patented technology called “Threat Virtualization”. The software is rated quite highly by the experts. Most anti – viruses use some traditional reactionary methods. This software has a unique preventive protection method that complements these traditional methods. Both known and unknown threats are prevented by this great software.

This is probably because it can take care of threats that slip past the anti – virus software. This software has an environment which is called “Virtual Zone”. This zone is isolated and all your activity on the Internet will be contained within this. The display of this zone is in the form of a red border around the screen. Any program which is threatening and potentially risky is kept contained within this zone. It remains isolated from not just your personal data and files but also from the Operating System.

The environment for your private data remains another separate trusted, isolated zone. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use. It will allow you to view both trusted programs and programs that have been virtualized in the same interface. The Virtual Zone gives you a lot of freedom to surf the net or download any file and open it or even bank. All this you can do without thinking of putting your system at risk. This software is the last word in security and protection against all kinds of threats.

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