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BS Player is definitely one of the most known media players available in the market and this is because the developers managed to keep high-standards with every installment that was launched. About 70 million users have installed this player onto their computers and many have provided feedback about features, bugs and they have played a big role in the implementation of newest features. The player is absolutely free-to-use and lately, it has undergone a massive facelift and users will be pleasantly surprised that the playlist has now been integrated into the player itself, without users being required to do another click to open it.

Here, people can drag and drop single files, selection of multiple songs or movies or they can even import a whole media folder. Furthermore, a playlist can be sorted using different criteria, such as the name of the artist, the album or the track number. This way, it is easier to sort all of the music files that are in the playlist. A media library can be created from a playlist and this way, users can easily manage all of their media files that they import here. Album art covers will be automatically downloaded from the internet.

Multimedia playback does not massively affect the CPU, thus users with low-end computers can also benefit from high-quality movie playback. Streaming videos or radio stations is also easier, users only being required the direct link in order for the player to establish the connection. Videos from YouTube can be watched into the player if the user has a link towards it and there is also a save button available, although the video will be downloaded without conversion. High-definition videos can also be played using BS Player and this is a major step forward for its developers that constantly surprise users.

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