BrowsingHistoryView shows history from different programs in one clean record. The system gives you a chance to do practically anything with the connections it provides you aside from erase them from your history.

This project will gather together the sum of your searching history from the most well known projects. It underpins IE, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, however tragically jettison official Opera help for Seamonkey. Your history stacks in a matter of seconds in the system and is exhibited in a clean, simple to-read record. You can arrange the agenda by perspective tally, later history, and obviously, program. That makes it simple to search for a specific connection you visit a considerable measure or something you were searching on a specific day. You don’t even need to close any open browser windows to get it to work.

When you’ve stacked your history in BrowsingHistoryView, you can click any connection to open it in your default browser. You can duplicate various Urls, as well. On the other hand, when you need to erase the history, you’ll need to destroy the real program. That shouldn’t be a major issue, however, since the project doesn’t offer to help you deal with the Urls. All its intended to do is show your perusing history crosswise over different programs.



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