Brain Games: Chess

If you are looking for a chess game that comes with a set of very well depicted tutorials, then Brain Games: Chess is the game for you. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have played the game before, you can always start with learning it now, and Brain Games: Chess makes the learning experience that much easier for you. There are 12 computer generated opponents in Brain Games: Chess with their own unique skills and varied levels of talents. You can choose one of them depending on how well you can play and hone your skills against these players in the game.

At the end you will get to play against the Mastermind and he is the ultimate challenge that you have to complete. You can customize the game in any way you like and turn the board to examine the scenarios in any way you prefer. There are various categories in the game that you can choose and play from. You can also play Brain Games: Chess against a friend and try to find out who is the better player. There are 11 different styles in the game that you can choose from. You can play with fire, ice, crystal, cartoons and many more such styles.

Some of the styles mentioned above may affect the game play, whereas the others are merely good fun. The sound effects are good, but can also be turned off if you wish to play the game with more concentration. You can also add your own soundtrack to the game and listen to it if you please. You can time the game in various ways that the game has to offer to you. Also you can move the game at the pace that you are comfortable with. The superior gaming technology makes Brain Games: Chess a thrilling game to play.



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