BitSecure AntiVirus System

BitSecure Antivirus System is that the next generation Antivirus package that does not weigh down the system while providing security. To shield the system from viruses, malware, spyware and alternative malicious files the user always wishes for knowledgeable piece of package that may effectively eliminate any threats and guard the PC against infection. BitSecure Antivirus System does that very efficiently. BitSecure Antivirus System defends and observes threat that carries out system victimization. While the user surfs the web or uses numerous package applications, BitSecure Antivirus System is continually on the look ahead of something that may be a deemed malicious program and effectively eliminates any potential threat of the system and saves its valuable information. The file size of the installer is somewhere around 68.39 megabytes. There is a free to try version available conjointly with a paid version. The free version is valid for a time period of 15 days. BitSecure Antivirus System is compatible with the following operating systems mentioned; Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

This antivirus runs within the background and uses tiny memory footprint of between a small ranges of five megabytes to twenty five megabytes thus as to not lower down the regular operation of the system. After BitSecure Antivirus System detects a chunk of any application or scripting that contains characteristics of a deadly infection from any malware or spyware, it will take away the threat instantly. This security solution offers fourteen active scanners to produce with a full protection resolution for the system. BitSecure communications protocol scanner is an efficient kind of proactive protection from malicious auto-install scripts that are joined to websites that the user visits.

BitSecure transfer scanner ensures that any product transferred from numerous sites across the web do not have any adverse effect on the PC. Updates of the program and the numerous threat definitions that are needed to keep the system safe and the data secured are handled automatically by the BitSecure Antivirus System .This application conjointly deals with transportable media like memory sticks and make sure nothing malicious has been transferred to those. Smart Threat Disinfection is a special enhancement used by this software to clean the system which is suspected to contain potential threats while the user is does not have any such knowledge. BitSecure Antivirus System is the best advanced security solutions for networks and home systems to stay safe against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and alternative threats which prevail in the cyber world.



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