BibleReader is reader software developed by Micro Amusement Corporation specifically designed for Bible Reading. This tool is designed taking in to consideration the difficulty faced by many people, especially the old in reading the Bible themselves. The tool allows you to relax and follow the reading from Bible as the computer reads the passage clearly and impressively. The reader tool is designed in such a manner that the text scrolls down the screen, in a clear font, with the best background settings.

The tool also highlights the word currently being read by the computer. The tool is very flexible in providing options for you to select the best voice you like and set the scroll speed as per your observing capability. The tool covers complete Bible by covering the Old and the New Testaments. Apart from the complete coverage of the Bible through the two testaments, the tool also offers you the choice to select specific books and selective chapters as per your preference. The tool has selected the complete King James Version of the Bible in to it and provides all verses as per this version.

The tool provides lots of content selection options to the user. You can select a specific book of the Bible, either from the Old or the New Testament, a particular chapter of any of the book or even a verse, by providing the input. The tool provides both text and voice output for the input requested. This tool is free to download and is operational on all flavors of Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Win 7, Vista, and Windows 8. Anyone interested in knowing and hearing more on Bible can certainly try this free tool, provided you just have a basic system with proper audio systems attached.



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