Beyond TV

Beyond TV is an application that provides a series of services for users who want to work with their computer in multiple ways regarding media. This way, they can install the app and use its features in order to watch various streams on the internet. However, the utility also provides support for those that want to record their favorite shows and save them for later.

Beyond TV has a really simple interface and there are just a few buttons that have to be used in order to watch a stream or begin a recording session. Users have the possibility to watch streams from a list provided by the app, which is quite comprehensive. On the other hand, they also have the possibility to add their own streams and have them played by the app.

Beyond TV is able to record standard and high quality videos so that users can benefit from multiple possibilities, with respect to the stream’s quality. More than one stream can be recorded at the same time and only the computer’s resources will impose a limit on this matter. The app also allows users to connect various devices and play back the recorded shows directly from within the media library.



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