Best Voice Changer

We have all tried pranking our friends by calling and changing our voices; now try the new and Best Voice Changer App for the PC that simply helps you to do so. Choose from voice options of famous celebs to nobodies and troll your friends. Record your voice and then apply the changes by selecting from the many voice options available. Choose from a petite voice to a baritone and surprise yourself.

The Voice Changer app is completely free, bug-free app to have endless fun. Change your voice instantly after recording. This voice changer app also gives you options of speed changing. Also get to add background noises and sounds, like the roar of an engine, honking of horns, clanging of swords and much more to enhance the effects. Change the most serious conversations to hilarious ones by using these options. Upload the changed files, laugh with your friends once you download the Best Voice Changer app for your PC.



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