BenVista PhotoZoom

BenVista PhotoZoom is an application that can be used to enhance and enlarge images of low resolution. The tool works with a series of powerful algorithms, including S-Spline Max in order to provide high quality results and users can choose from multiple options the preset they want for the app. The current utility is able to provide resolutions of up to 1 million x 1 million pixels, but such an image will require a while to be processed and saved.

BenVista PhotoZoom is a stand-alone application but some users might find this impractical. This is why the same app can be integrated within Adobe Photoshop as a plugin so that users can directly enhance an image while also editing other aspects of it. The same options will be available, though. There are three options that can be used to enlarge an image and users can work with any one of them in order to achieve the needed effect. A preview box can be used to see the effects of each option.

BenVista PhotoZoom supports multiple image types, including RAW files. Various color channels are also recognized and made use of with the aid of the app, such as CMYK or RGB. High dynamic range images can also be processed at high quality standards.



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