BearShare Manager

BearShare Manager is a piece of software useful to those who make use of BearShare for peer to peer file sharing and downloading. It comes loaded with such powerful features that would make it easy managing your downloads like deleting, copying, moving and renaming files. These functions are important in maintaining a good file catalog. Not only this, it includes an efficient, handy tool called File List Generator that can create a list of all the files you have, enabling you to keep good track of the files and searching through them quickly. The application is free and very easy to use.

The program features a easy to use interface and the powerful file management functions manage all your downloads easily and quickly. The File List Generator creates list of downloads so that you can share them easily with your friends, print them or keep a database. You can also benefit from functions like copying files anywhere across network or to another computer and even organize them to burn to DVDs and CDs. It works well in integration with BearShare and gives you a better experience downloading files from the internet!



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