BCWipe is a pleasant tool that endows to delete those files and folders which contain valuable information. The program has an easy interface that is quite very simple to number out, thanks to the intuitive layout. The application integrates in the context menu, so when the user desires to lastingly erase a file he/she must simply choose “Delete with wiping” option from the register of choices.

Once this option is made, the user can characterize the exact details of the method. Thus, the user will have to select one of the accessible algorithms, such as, Peter Gutmann, U.S. DoD 5220.22 M, Bruce Schneier, US Army AR380-19, to name just a couple of. Counting on its name, each algorithm has a number of passes that it presents. This number can be increased or declined as per desire. However, whereas a higher number of passes means that the file is harder to recover, the process furthermore takes longer.

Furthermore, the user can choose an action that is to be presented once the method is completed. A log document can be created for all methods presented by the program. This application consumes minimal space in the drive in which it is to be installed. Any of the operating systems mentioned here support this application; Windows XP/Vista/7/8.



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