BatteryBar is an application designed to help users who want to know more about their laptop battery. This element makes a laptop unreliable sometimes, especially if the battery is old. Some laptops do not even provide an estimate of the remaining time with the current load of the battery, so users have to rely on a third party utility to do this job.

BatteryBar is a simple tool that can work as a desktop widget in order to keep users informed. It also has an “always on top” feature that can be toggled on or off. The widget contains various information related to the laptop’s battery, such as the status, the capacity or the charge rate, if the laptop is connected to a power source. The application is able to provide info not just about the labeled capacity, but also about the real one, which gets lower over time as the battery is worn.

Users can configure the aspect of BatteryBar within the settings menu and they can also set up different thresholds for notifications. This way, they can receive sound alerts when the battery life reaches a certain value. There are also power saving options, which will change the power scheme of the laptop in order to save more battery when it runs on its battery and not charging.



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