Bastet is parental control software with a difference. Instead of tracking every single useless activity only certain risky and dangerous activities are tracked. This gives your children more freedom online. You can flag certain signals and sites as risky and only when these sites are accessed will you be notified. Bastet sends you either an email to whichever email id you register or you get a message on your cell phone. Because this is not a keystroke logger you no longer have to go through masses of text that are of no relevance or use.

The message that you receive will state exactly which site or application was accessed. The time of access, the user and the PC that it was accessed on will also be notified. Screenshots will no longer eat up your valuable memory space. You can set social networking sites or messengers or even dating sites as dangerous. If your child or employees access any application or site that you have flagged as inappropriate you will be notified.

The software will run quietly in the background without alerting the person using the PC. It does not slow down the other processes on your PC. The software will not hack into your system resources and it runs smooth and fast. It works on the basis of the keywords that you flag. It has an easy and simple user interface. The settings are easy to change and alter. Bastet is lightweight and will not take up much space and will get installed smoothly.



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