Bar Code Pro

Bar Code Pro furnishes desktop distributers and visual originators the scanner tags needed for several modern requisitions – From UPC and EAN for general stock and retail provisions to Code 39, ITF and Code 128 for stock control and warehousing. Standardized identification Pro 6.0 has over twenty symbologies and many varieties accessible intended for utilization by both the smart proficient and also the beginner of bar coding. Bar-Code-Pro is capable and simple to utilize.

This software is powerful and uses impressive symbologies and varieties Drop-In library. Bar code pro is Accurate also. It makes immaculate scanner tag representation, precise to one micron. All the more imperatively, this tool tailors every image to the determination of the yield printer. The user has to choose a pattern enter information followed by recovery.

In this software everything is pre-programmed and no cutting, formatting is required manually. Bar Code Pro also creates bar code or standardized identification design when the user is in need of them. No additionally sitting tight for overnight conveyances to finish the job is needed on part of the user. The Bar Code Pro provides the users with the control to match any standardized label particularly incorporating image stature, shade, width, bar width, etc and also compatible with all the latest Windows OS.



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