Baghdad Central: Desert Gunner

Baghdad Central: Desert Gunner was first released by Digital Fusion Inc. It is a popular on-rail shooter game. Modern Iraq is the place where the game had been set up. The main objective of the players is to eliminate the enemies by firing at the enemy convoy and at the same time protecting the allies.

A single weapon is in command of the player. He is the gunner in a US Army vehicle. This vehicle is a part of the convoy and it travels at a constant speed. The player has the liberty to switch between different vehicles in the convoy. At the same time one could shuffle between strong weapons according to enemies and situation. The range of vehicles could be between two to six. The ammunition is infinite for all the weapons available.

In Desert Gunner, the player needs to shoot the enemy vehicle, however they should be careful that they do not shoot the civilian vehicles. There are also car bombs and one must be aware of them. However they could be easily identified by their sudden turn and speed. All the levels could be saved accordingly. There are no checkpoints. The weather is in form of cosmetic rain making the game more realistic.



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