Bad CD/DVD Recovery

CDs, DVD and Blu-ray disks are in fact the most popular media nowadays to share photos, music and videos. But as far as optical media are concerned, they can get damaged or inaccessible after a period of a time when they are not used considerably or due to dirt or any other causes. Are then those entertaining media got lost! No, because Bad CD/DVD Recovery is the solution to the problems.

The software has an efficient engine that recovers data from all kinds of optical drives like CD, DVD, Blu-ray disks etc. the software recovers data from damaged devices if they gets damaged due to mechanical problems, scratches, or any unwanted spots on the surface of the media. Though the software is not capable of recovering all the data within the media, but it will definitely depend on the degree of damage. But the chunk of data that the software can recover, cannot be recovered by any operating system tools, and the software recovers data which may be behind the scope of any other software of the same category to recover.

The software has an easy interface with a graphical toolbar so that the novice users do not face any problem using the software. The software can recover data irrespective of the version of Windows the user uses.



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