AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall is an application designed to increase the security level of a computer in order for users to be more protected while browsing the internet. The tool is created for internet users and it will work flawlessly in order to eliminate every threat that appears on the network. However, this is not the only possible task of the app, and parents can also use its features in order to protect children from viewing various harmful content on the web. All that is required is a basic configuration of the tool and all of the settings can be understood with ease before they are applied.

The tool is pretty simple to customize, especially because each option features a question mark besides it. Upon clicking it, users are able to find out various information regarding the certain setting and what every option related to it does. This way, people can understand easily how to create their own set of rules that the firewall tool can use in order to keep the PC protected. Every security mode can be customized and the profile can be saved by users in order for a quick-load at any time.

If suspicious application try to access the registry, people will be quickly informed through a pop-up and they can take action if they do not recognize the app. Permissible sites are easy to manage, the feature making use of a simple list on which restricted websites can be added. In order to make things easier, websites that focus on various keywords can be blocked, for an easier management of the list. If the internet connection has limited traffic available, a restriction can be imposed on it and users will be informed when they are close of reaching the limit. Overall, the app is really good to use, because it is also freeware.

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